040114 dungeon-keeper spell cluck-off
The Cluck Off spell allows you to turn the enemy's Minions into chickens for a certain number of taps. Meanwhile, you can tap on the chickens to deal damage - tap enough and you will kill them and remove them from the dungeon. In fact you turn them in to eggs!

Cluck Off is an excellent spell to use when encountering immortals .  An easy way to defeat dungeons who use Tiny for defense is to use Cluck Off, rather than simply trying to mass Warlocks or strategically use Ghosts .  

Defensively, Cluck Off is excellent for Exclusive Raids.  Use it to defeat especially problematic enemies such as Mistresses and Dragon Whelps to increase your odds of survival. This is also a good way to level the spell. 

When they are chickens they are easy to defeat. 


Usage Type Tap
Effects All hostile Minions in the Dungeon
Mana 50
  • Turns hostile Minions into chickens
  • Tap on a chicken to deal the Spell's damage



Level Experience Taps Damage (per Tap)
1 0 10 100
2 50 10 125
3 250 15 150
4 500 15 175
5 1,000 20 200
6 1,350 20 225

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