040114 dungeon-keeper minion dragon-whelp
by Gene_Mythic

Ah, Dragon Whelps. They're so cute when they're young, don't you agree, Keepers?

Don't let their cutesy exterior fool you, however. These are some pretty heavy-duty Minions, able to deal AND withstand very large amounts of damage. This comes at a hefty price, however: lots of gold! (Dragon hordes have to get started SOMEWHERE!)

Available to be summoned after your Dungeon Heart is level 9, Dragon Whelps have but one mission: to seek out the nearest Room in order to destroy it. As an added bonus, they're able to fly (at a relatively slow movement speed), thus bypassing most obstacles in their way. They're still susceptible to defenses that affect flying targets, however, including the Freeze Trap, which could slow them down and allow other attacks to wreak some havoc upon them.

Upgrading Dragon Whelps in the Training Room will increase their damage output and health. Keep in mind, however, that these Minions are 100% offensive; they do not defend when your Dungeon is attacked.


Seeks Closest Room
Passive Fly
Creature Targets Flying and Ground
Attack Speed 1.6s
Move Speed 150
Housing Space 20
Summoning Time 1h

Note: When first spawned in battle carries a bomb that can only targets structures and deals x10 normal damage. Only after bomb used can Dragon Whelp start shooting fireballs.

Training UpgradesEdit

Level Damage Health Training Time Training Cost (Gold) Requirements Summoning Cost (Gold)
1 159 915 - - Dungeon Heart
Level 9
2 239 1,380 5d 1.6M Treasury
Level 8
3 320 1,845 6d 2.5M Treasury
Level 9
4 400 2,310 7d 6.4M Treasury
Level 10
5 495 2,775 10d 13.2M Treasury
Level 11
6 600 3,245 ? 28M Treasury
Level 12

Old stats Edit

Seeks: Closest Room

Passive #1: Fly

Passive #2: Ignores Everything Except Rooms

Attack Speed: 1.25s

Move Speed: 150

Housing Space: 30

Summoning Time: 1 hour

Training Time: 5 days

Special Requirement: Need to have 4 (four) Treasuries to unlock this minion. That means at least lvl 8 Dungeon Heart.

Level Health Damage Training Time Training Cost (Gold) Requirement Summoning Cost (Gold)
1 1360 335 - - 4 Treasuries 35K
2 2040 525 5d 1.6M At least 1 Treasury at Level 8 40k
3 2720 710 6d 2.5M At least 1 Treasury at Level 9 45k
4 3400 900 7d 6.4M At least 1 Treasury at Level 10 50k