The Dreadstone is displayed as a purple gem, it can only be obtained through Tournament participation and awarded similar to gems.

Certain items and immortals, such as Mortimer, can only be purchased with Dreadstones.

Obtaining DreadstonesEdit

  • Active Friend Daily Bonus - Per friend you have, you will get 1 to a max of 5 daily, this also includes gems. (Quite bugged on apple devices, though android is much easier to set up and do apparently)
  • Survival Raids - Available every 3 days or so. Provides 10 Dreadstones for completing the event. (All 10 waves must be destroyed. Dreadstones amount cannot be increased by DK Premium)
  • Tournaments - Tournaments offer the ability to obtain Dreadstones. Based on your contribution and ranking will determine how many Dreadstones you receive. For example: If you place between 4th and 10th and your contribution of stars was 100% for that guild, you will receive 300 Dreadstones. If you only contributed 50% of the stars, you will get 150 Dreadstones, etc.

Best method for obtaining DreadstonesEdit

The best method for obtaining dreadstones is by being in the Horny’s Chosen Tournament, though you have to be a very strong and experienced player to be able to get the stars needed to get a good pay out.

The next best method, and every player of any strength or experience can do this, is ‘’farming’’. Farming involves joining a dead guild (a guild that is inactive) and qualifying them for a tournament. Once they are qualified, you can use the guild to compete. Depending on your success, you should be able to get in the top 10 or at least the top 25. To get the max payout, you should ensure you are the only one contributing. If you leave the guild or are kicked before the tournament, you will lose all your stars, including the guilds (they are attached to you and they do not carry over to other guilds for that tournament). Keep in mind, if you come from a level 40 guild to a dead guild, their level will be much lower. The bonuses from high level guilds are VERY notable. You will miss out on heaps of mana regeneration and boost bonuses. Try to farm towards the end of the tournament to limit the issues surrounding this problem.

Note that since the update that allowed Immortals to be trained from level 36 to 40, it has made farming more difficult. Players are fighting to get dreadstones so the competition has increased dramatically.

Dreadstone PurchasesEdit

Name Type Cost Requirements
Dante's Mound Trap 250 Workshop
Level 8
Mortimer Immortal 500 Guard Post
Level 4
Sir Cophagus Immortal 3,500 Dungeon
Level 250
U.R. Mine Trap 50 Workshop
Level 7
Guard Post level 8 ? 1000 ?
Guard Post level 9 ? 1500 ?
Guard Post level 10 ? 2500 ?
Level 36 Immortals ? 1000 Level 8 Guard Post
Level 37 Immortals ? 1500 Level 8 Guard Post
Level 38 Immortals ? 2000 Level 9 Guard Post
Level 39 Immortals ? 2500 Level 9 Guard Post
Level 40 Immortals ? 3000 Level 10 Guard Post
  • Every 5 levels, Glaargl requires 250 dreadstones to train instead of gold.
  • Immortals after level 35, can be trained up to level 40. All these levels require dreadstones, with a greater cost with each level.