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The ghost is the earliest available flying unit in the game. Ghosts are unlocked through building an Unholy Temple, deal bonus damage to enemy minions, are very weak to lightning, and are able to fly over walls. Ghosts are untargetable by most enemy ground units, able to take out an entire guild lair without problems. Notable exceptions to this are Warlocks and Vampires, who can target Ghosts.


Ghosts are good at bypassing a dungeons defensive mazes and reinforced walls allowing raiders to enter the dungeon behind the defensive structures, this is best used with disable trap spells to remove Anti-Air and bug zappers that can kill the ghost. The damage boost against minions and immortals can be used to good effect if deployed properly against a target unit as most units cannot harm flying creatures.

Ghost AI can be unpredictable at times where the ghost will target a trap or door beyond the target room, and will often ignore the damage coming from the room's defending minion in favour of continuing to attack the room. In particular, the Ghost AI behaves very stangely upon encountering an anti-air trap, frequently making a U-turn to a completely different area of the dungeon, especially when sending multiple Ghosts at once. One good strategy to overcome this is to send one Ghost at a time to poke a hole in a Keeper's defense.

Defending ghosts do not spawn during PvP raids, however they can be spawned manually by the player during PvE defence raids.


Seeks Closest Room or Trap
Passive Fly
Strength 2x damage to Minions
(increases with level)
Weakness 2x damage from Lightning Sources
Creature Targets Flying and Ground
Attack Speed 1s
Move Speed 250
Housing Space 8
Summoning Time 20m

Training UpgradesEdit

Level Damage Health Extra Damage to Minions Training Time  Training Cost (Gold) Unholy Temple Required Summoning Cost (Gold)
1 56 520 2x - - Level 1 1,000
2 76 695 3x 2d 350k Level 3 1,600
3 94 865 3x 3d 600k Level 5 2,500
4 114 1,045 4x 4d 1.3M Level 7 4,000
5 132 1,220 4x 5d 2.2M Level 9 8,500
6 150 1,390 5x 6d 5.5M Level 10 10k
7 170 1,550 5x 14d 13M Level 11 15k
8 188 1,725 ? ? 17M ? ?

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