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The Imp is (almost quite literally) the essential building block of your dungeon: they are used to perform tunneling jobs, clearing the way for travel and/or the building of rooms, traps, etc. Once you’ve decided to build or upgrade, your imps will faithfully carry out those orders. And if they aren’t working quite as quickly as you’d like, you may… “incentivize” them by slapping your imps to increase their efficiency. While only one Imp can be used on any one build/dig/upgrade project, having multiple Imps in play will allow for multiple projects to be worked on at once.

Imps are required to remove blocks but not to place them.  

Imp CostEdit

Imp Cost
1st 100 Gems
2nd 200 Gems
3rd 800 Gems
4th 1,200 Gems
5th 2,100 Gems
6th 4,200 Gems

Slap Boosting TimeEdit

Number of Imps Boost Time
1 Imp 15 min
2 Imps 1 hour
3 Imps 2 hours
4 Imps 4 hours
5 Imps 8 hours
6 Imps 16 hours


  • It would take 96 days (without the slap boost) for a single imp to dig out the entire outer ring of Hard Gem Vein connecting all of the Quarries and Gold Mines.
  • Slapping any one imp will boost all of the imps.