040114 dungeon-keeper minion mistress
The Mistress is the ultimate motivator. You may question her methods, but she gets results! By herself, she is pretty weak. But add some troops for her to motivate and that is when you see her true glory!


Seeks Closest Room

Delivers an Additional Attack Every 4s
Stuns all nearby enemies for 2s
Increases all nearby allies' effectiveness for 10s

Creature Targets Flying and Ground
Attack speed 0.5s
Move Speed 130
Housing Space 15
Summoning Time 45 minutes

Training UpgradesEdit

Level Damage Health Training Time Training Cost (Gold) Torture Chamber Required Summon Cost (Gold)
1 40 345 - - Level 1 5,000
2 56 480 4d 650k Level 3 10k
3 72 620 5d 1.4M Level 5 16k
4 88 755 6d 2.3M Level 7 25k
5 104 895 7d 5.9M Level 10 31k
6 120 1,020 10d 13M Level 11 40k
7 138 1,155 ? ? Level 13 50k

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