What would your dungeon be without rooms? (Just an endless maze of corridors...). Rooms help to flesh out your dungeon and provide certain benefits – be it gold or stone storage, new or upgraded minions or spells, or new traps.

Rooms can be split into two types:  combat rooms, and non-combat rooms.

  • Combat Rooms can defend themselves from raiding enemies. Some have ranged attacks like the Workshop and its Homing Buzzsaw, other rooms only attack when an enemy enters the room, like the Training Room.  These rooms also provide additional benefits like new minions or traps.
  • Non-Combat Rooms do not defend themselves but do provide benefits – the Treasury for example, stores your gold and your Dungeon Heart allows you to summon Minions. Protect these rooms well!

Each room must have an entry point and cannot be touching another room.  (The rooms may not share a common wall and cannot touch diagonally.)